Captain America: Super Soldier

July 19, 2011: CCCentral Music Review - Captain America: Super Soldier - "The music.. is absolutely superb. Composer Bill Brown, whose extensive credits include many of the Tom Clancy games, really outdid himself with Captain America: Super Soldier. He created compositions that perfectly fit every scene of the game. I would even put his work on par with legendary composer John Williams." -Sean Engemann, CCC Contributing Writer

Dark Prophecy

October 18, 2010: CD Review - Dark Prophecy "As a rising composer who keeps getting propelled into the heart of darkness with the likes of THE DEVIL'S TOMB, the videogame WOLFENSTEIN and his episodic scores for CSI: NY, it's almost amazing that Bill Brown's able to keep his melodic head up high given the suffocating evil he's often dealing with. It's also likely the media his music has atmospherically graced won't get more intriguing than the origins of DARK PROPHECY, a combo book / online series created by CSI's Anthony E. Zuiker, all of which deal with a detective's dogged pursuit of another of those fiendishly clever serial killers. Brown's score for the "cyber bridges" that link the printed pages and video adventures of Zuiker's "Level 26" series is intriguingly cohesive, with a listenability factor that's surprisingly high for music that plays such gruesome doings. Combing surreal samples, a female voice, watery percussion and beautiful piano playing, Brown mines PROPHECY's despairing depths to achieve the kind of rustic, soaring somberness that Thomas Newman found within the walls of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and GREEN MILE- a symphonic, spiritual transcendence that once again shows Brown's music belying the darkest pits of humanity."

December 10, 2010: CINEMASCORE SOUNDTRACK ARCHIVES CD Review - Dark Prophecy "I love scores for horror and physiological thrillers and in this particular case it's certainly evident why I am attracted to such soundtracks. This is an intelligently written work and includes subtle and calming nuances throughout its running time, these acts as peaceful and warming passages which not only compliment and enhance the darker elements of the soundtrack, but also for me anyway, seem to strengthen the overall appeal and power of the work. Composer Bill Brown has fashioned a score that is made up of symphonic music and also electronic sound design and has successfully fused the two elements and crafted an effective and at times haunting and melodic work that tantalizes the listener and also manages to make them somewhat uneasy at times. Delicate usage of piano and underlying strings at certain points within the soundtrack certainly have the desired effect of creating an almost secure and warm atmosphere, but at the same time the composer initiates a sense of the unknown or unearthliness which undulates in the background and remains present for the majority of the score. This is a soundtrack that has been painstakingly constructed with much attention to detail and clarity of sound and direction. It enhances without overpowering and simply mesmerizes the listener. Track 14, DEATH AND LIFE is a haunting and attractively romantically slanted composition, which begins with delicate sounding piano that prudently picks out a tender sounding beginning, this is given more depth and richness by the utilization of strings that underline and support the opening, both piano and strings are interwoven to create an almost caressing musical sensation, cello then takes the forefront and mournfully but lovingly lifts the composition to new emotive heights. The composer is to be congratulated on creating a score that is so varied and diverse and one which will I am certain please many collectors of fine music for film."

The Devil's Tomb

August 1, 2009: CD Review - The Devil's Tomb "Bill Brown, known for his prolific and high-intensity scores to video games like the Ghost Recon, Castle Wolfenstein, and Command & Conquer series and his music for five seasons of CSI: NY, has composed a dark and exciting orchestral score for Jason Connery's science fiction/action thriller The Devil's Tomb, starring Cuba Gooding Jr, Ray Winstone and Ron Perlman, about an elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab who encounter an ancient evil in the facility. The rousing score combines orchestral parts recorded in Prague, along with sampled choral elements, pounding rhythm programming, and atmospheric electronics. Released on CD and digitally by MovieScoreMedia, the score ripples with progressive atmospheres, beginning with a 4:26 overture that introduces Brown's primary musical elements. Shifting layers of orchestral sound are enhanced with sheets of synth tonality that drift hauntingly nearer to evoke a mysterious and compelling sonority. Sandstorm is more of a percussive action cue, staunch keyboard notation over electric guitars and driving percussion; you can almost feel the heat and stinging of the sand splitting the skin of your face and arms. After some rather standard percussive cues for the initial military mission music, the score really gets going when the ancient evil makes its wicked presence known, starting in Track 8. With its haunting textures, exuding reflections from massed choral and synth reverberations, and malevolent sonic mysterioso, What is That? instantly and excellently evokes the flavor of Goldsmith's Alien music, opening into an onrushing blackness charging hugely closer, Brown's clear toned growling synth tones piercing flesh and his heartbeaten drum cadences sounding out what may well be someone's final cardiac rhythms. Afterbirth fumes with massive intonations of chorus, while The Temple progresses steadily with layered textures and furtive movements into large shifting strata of heavy sound. Terror is let out of the box most explicitly in Hallucinations, as percussive shards of and relentless, string-driven cadences stride viciously through dark, echoing corridors. Quiet harmonies of cello and choir and varying timbres give Do You Believe? its chilling quietude, while Rumblings takes on more an attribute of stark thunder with cyclonic swirls of synths and strings, gruesome howls of horns, and soul-hammering pounding drums. You might not want to listen to this score alone at night. Return of the Father and God's Plan wax more eloquently with brooding and spiritual synth and string atmospheres as the story takes on a haunting metaphysical turn; in Incantation/Escape, disturbing whispers and creepy, scuttling electronica textures open into smooth-walled atmospheric chord progressions and finally a headlong flight of panic and hysteria driven by frantic drumming and revolving synth/string and a dazzling slow glissando of sound that rises to a feverous intensity and suddenly dissipates like black vapor. Resolution provides a warm sonority of relief and survival, as the dark horrors depart with the rising light of the theater auditorium. A potent and likable horror score with moments of fine expressiveness as well as sheer panic."

July 14, 2009: ScreenSounds CD Review - The Devil's Tomb "The disc gets underway with a good old fashioned "Overture," which opens with menacing action writing before turning mysterious. Indeed, much of the score is by necessity mysterious and suspenseful, but "Sandstorm" does have it's rocking moments, with all guitars blazing and a percussive action ending. Choir makes its first appearance, giving weight to the conclusion of "The Message" and takes a much more menacing and savage role in the action of "The Elevator," going on to enhance a number of subsequent shock moments in the subsequent score; whilst more action writing can be found at the conclusions of "Look Out!" "Hallucinations" and "Return of the Father;" as well as throughout "Rumblings" and the penultimate cue "Escape." The final cue, "Resolution" offers a brief moment of spirituality after all the mayhem that has gone before..."


March 28, 2002: "This is one of Bill's most recent film projects, hence why it sounds much larger in scope. For the Main Titles, Bill features a heavy percussive beat, along with seemingly aggressive synths. And if that isn't enough, the score also features some great chorus work. The End Credits are even more of a joy to listen to. Instead of the aggressive approach in the Main Titles, Bill has written some lovely music for the End Credits. Indeed, this is a most unexpected, but enjoyable piece of work." ScoreCentral

Bill's "Scorcher" Music Samples

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

"Of course, the best part of the audio presentation is Bill Brown's score. Instantly recognizable to any gamer who bothers to notice such things, he's as much a part of the series as someone like Ding Chavez or Dan Bogart. Amidst the realistic chatter and chilling crackle of guns, be sure to spare a second or two to appreciate Bill Brown's score." IGN

"This title also offers the high quality theme music R6 fans have come to cherish along with some new pulse pounding themes that seem to show up right as the action starts." GamersDepot

"Better still, the music is both familiar and much improved. To be honest from the outset: I love the music from the original Rainbow 6 and from Rogue Spear. The composer, Bill Brown, has been my favorite video-game soundtrack composer for a while, and I am becoming a serious fan of his music more generally. The themes developed from the previous games are expanded, altered, and improved greatly in RS. I never got tired of listening to the audio tracks in the planning room, and that's really saying something with as often as they loop. If Mr. Brown ever sells a CD of this stuff, I'll buy it the day it's released. Suffice it to say that RS has one of the best game soundtracks you've ever heard." Phileosophos

"Musically, what do you really expect? Even I know that Bill Brown's consistently fantastic scoring has become so integral to the Tom Clancy series that if you were to take it away you might as well take away all the guns, too." StratosGroup

"The music is very Rainbow Six with lots of brass and with a rather grand orchestral feeling. The in game music is sparingly used... but there is some clever use of rather stark and rather more eclectic sounds that could have been lifted from any number of horror films. One of my particular favourites is the eerie use of timpani in some sections. With nothing but some whirring machinery and your own gear rattling around a blast of drums (that could have been lifted straight from The Shining) is really quite nerve jangling." Final-Level

"One of my favourite parts of any Rainbow Six release is hearing the new music Bill Brown has composed for it. With Raven Shield, Bill has once again built upon the now familiar R6 theme, and the results are as magnificent as ever!" "Bill Brown did an awesome job on the music once again. I love it." Rainbow Six Retreat

"All this though would mean nothing if it wasn't for the mood of the sound in-game. A stirring symphony kicks in during loading, riling you up for the operation ahead." MultiplayUK

"The atmosphere in Ravenshield 3 is amazing. The sounds, music, environment,... Everything adds in to create something super cool." Madshrimps

"Sound is an important part of a tactical shooter. The background music fits the game's tense scenarios and adds even more excitement into the missions." PGNx Media

"The music in the game gives off a very suspenseful feel, whether it be the slow paced mood of a pre-mission planning phase or a quicker, livelier track as you are about to storm a known enemy area." WorthPlaying

"The music lives up to the high standards of the various Tom Clancy games." GameSpot

"Even the music is fantastic, featuring remakes of the songs that series veterans will remember in a heartbeat." StratosGroup

"Right from the start and the very tasty intro that is well worth seeing a couple of times, R63 oozes style and panache. From the instantly recognizable GUI to the music that has kept me awake so many hours into the night to the calls of Tango down as I explored the first ever R6 and thought wow this is a bit special. Fans of R6 and RS will love this game's feel and instantly feel at home." GamesXtreme

"Raven Shield is a silent experience when it comes to music. At least during the movies and the mission prep screens you can enjoy an excellent score from Bill Brown, composer for more than 20 major games and movies including most all of the previous Tom Clancy games."Game Chronicles Magazine

"And as long as Bill Brown is still scheduled to provide the music, we should haven't any other complaints." (Preview) IGN

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 Xbox

"There is a great cinema-esque soundtrack, which has really been the staple of these games. The sound and music presentation is phenomenal."UGO

"Music and sound play huge roles in Rainbow Six 3 just like we've seen in most of the Tom Clancy-themed games on both PC and console over the years... The music is very much inline with what we've seen in Rainbow Six games on the PC. When you get smoked the depressing death music will be familiar to veterans of the PC Rainbow Six games. It just feels like you've let the entire free world down when you hear those solemn strings." IGN

"The soundtrack is very movie-esque orchestra likened to a Tom Clancy movie. The A/V experience is overall engrossing."

"The music is appropriate. Dramatic horns and drums fill the menu space, seeming to call you into duty. More somber music is played when a team mate is lost. Quality work through and through."GamingNext

"The music in the game is great and makes the mood in the game grow greatly. It's a very good soundtrack, but you'd expect that from a Tom Clancy game." IntoLiquidSky

"The music itself was very befitting of the game, with dramatic, military tracks for intros and more ambient tracks for the missions themselves."EntertainmentDepot

Bill's "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield" Music Samples

Command and Conquer: Generals

"Meanwhile, the game's audio is a suitably remarkable counterpart to its graphics. In another departure for C&C, Generals is the first game in the series to feature musical themes exclusive to the playable factions. In Generals, the USA's campaign is accompanied by a number of triumphant military marches, while China and the GLA have musical themes that establish their respective Eastern and Middle Eastern origins, yet also come off sounding grand and cinematic." GameSpot

"First, the choice of Bill Brown for music composer is a good one. Granted, I happen to like that guy's stuff so much that he is my favorite game-music composer. Even so, I think his work arguably brings a level of quality to the in-game music that other games just can't meet. I doubt you will be unhappy with the score to C&C:G, and I highly recommend Bill Brown's work to others looking for a good composer. Heck, I just keep hoping that the man will someday put a CD of his game soundtracks together. They're that good." Phileosophos

"The sound is by far the best I have seen in a game like this, with great explosions, voice-overs, and a soundtrack that sounds like it came from a war movie. A good job all around in that department." PCGameWorld

"The musical stylings of Bill Brown bring a much more movie like feeling to the game with each side having its own sound. The GLA is accompanied by a very Middle East sound; China has a strong and forceful soundtrack, while the USA's music sounds very high tech." Tiberium-MW

"In-game cinematics accompanied by an orchestral soundtrack bring Generals story to life. Traditional Chinese melodies, the sounds of an Arabian marketplace, and a patriotic score rivaling our national anthem are just a few of the sonic highlights." GamePro Magazine

"Crank up those speakers because playing this game offers you a nice mix of themes, one for each of the three factions... Bill Brown and Mikael Sandgren have created a lovely soundtrack that reminds of an 80's era cold war film. The US brings grand orchestras, the Chinese get a more ethnic sounding mix, while the GLA gets a desert-flavored score. Each composition successfully draws you into the pertaining side and gives you a different feeling as you conquer with each group. Aurally pleasing and movie-like scores." Music4Games

"Couple this with the roaring soundtrack that always accompanies Command & Conquer -- which wouldn't be amiss in a Jerry Bruckheimer film - and you have yourself a wonderful environment to submerse yourself in." GameSpotAu-ZDNet

"C&C Music Factory: The in-game music is varied in ethnicity with brooding, preparing for war style melodies, with specific themes for each faction. The GLA has a very Middle Eastern flavor to it with Sitars strumming along while a flute whistles out above it all, and the American music is bold with heavy trumpets, French horns and a strong snare drum." SharkyExtreme

"The audio is also impressive - you'll hear grand booming sound tracks for each of the three factions." GamePower

"The sound in this game is high level. The music is very well done, with the United States having a slightly suspenseful sound to it. The Chinese and GLA (Global Liberation Army) have their respective cultural music. (GLA is more Middle Eastern). Sound - 10." SciFiAllianceMGM

"Brown has scored a heap of games including Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so he is no stranger to the game scoring world. Brown's orchestrated tracks fit the pace of the action, and the electronica influence compliments the soundtrack perfectly. Each side's music reflects the ethnic sounds of the army's country as well, like the GLA tracks sounding Middle Eastern. Overall, the music sounds more suitable for a film score, but turns out to work very well in this game. I found myself cranking the speakers during intense battles as the music kicked in, much to my roommate's dismay." ActiveReviews

"What really impressed me in the sound department, however, is the music. I've been a huge fan of Bill Brown since I first heard the Rainbow Six soundtrack and his work on Generals does not disappoint. The three sides have their own appropriate tracks, meaning soothing Asian-inspired music when playing as China, up-beat middle-eastern tunes with the GLA and heavy, inspiring orchestrals as the USA. (Not far from Hans Zimmers tracks in The Peacemaker and The Rock, for those who are familiar with those.)" Wickedtoast

"The soundtrack is nice and orchestral and gels in nicely with the feel of the game." Game Arena

"The music also is excellent. Overall, I'd say the music fits in seamlessly and helps the mood along a lot. That's what music for a game should do. Set the mood." RawGamer

"...the music in Generals consists of sweeping orchestral tracks, scored to fit the particular side the user is playing. (The Chinese soundtrack for example, has a distinctly oriental feel.) It works quite well." AthlonXP

"Coupled with dynamic music that swells and intensifies during firefights, Generals is an immersive auditory experience." Gamerswithjobs

"If the sound track I'm listening to is horrible and doesn't relate to the game in any way I'll just give up on the game and move to on to a new one. Generals lived up to my expectations. The music was great; the theme of the sound track gave me the impression that I was fighting for a good cause." (Editor's Choice Award) GamingMedia

"...the music in Generals is awesome. Each side has its own beat and style of music. The U.S. has an orchestra-type sound, comparable to the upbeat music in Independence Day (remember this?). The Chinese have a more traditional type of music, more of the oriental style, but it still manages to get you on the edge of your seat. The GLA has an Arabic-type of music beat populating its side. I greatly enjoyed listening to all three of the sides soundtracks... these soundtracks intensify the game and allow you to enjoy it on another level."GameMarshal

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour

"Zero Hour's visuals and audio are still very impressive. Generals looked and sounded superb when it was released, and the same can be said of Zero Hour... The game's music remains fantastic, with its hard-hitting bass riffs and Middle Eastern and Oriental motifs, and helps intensify the action a few more notches. Eight months can be a long time in the world of PC gaming, but the graphics and sound of this game just haven't aged a bit and remain some of the most impressive that this style of gaming has ever seen." Gamespot

"Bill Brown delivers once again in Zero Hour; the tracks provide a unique sound for each side and get the adrenaline pumping in the heat of battle." LoadedInc

"Sound: 5/5 - music remains fantastic"GGmania

"Music: 10/10: Ooh, nice music. All three sides get a nice choice of music that fits with their particular culture, with the Chinese getting oriental-style music, and the USA getting a nice techno track. Well worth listening to during those moments of glory." GameFaqs

"The music in Generals was great, but I have to say the music in Zero Hour is even better and harder hitting helping intensify the game-play. Basically, Zero Hour is the best looking and sounding game of its type, period!"ContactMusic

"The audio remains excellent, with the same stellar soundtrack styled according to each army." (Editor's Choice Award) GameSpy

"The audio is great, mixing rock with a symphonic score."GamePowerAU

Bill's "Command and Conquer: Generals" & "Zero Hour" Music Samples

The Sum of All Fears

"The game audio is of equal quality to the rest of its components. The music is a wonderfully atmospheric and suspense building score composed by Bill Brown, the man responsible for the music in all the Rainbow Six series amongst some amazing movie titles such as Ali and Any Given Sunday. Bill Brown is truly one of the best and most emoting composers working in film, and definitely games, today. He brings a fantastic touch of class to anything he puts his music to and if anyone out there was looking for someone to rival the great John Williams then maybe Bill Brown could just fit the bill, no pun intended." Music4Games

"This is one of the defining moments of game audio to date, combining an incredible score from a great composer with well polished in game sound effects. Marry this with the storyline, graphics and presentation throughout and you end up with a masterpiece. I hope many other software houses and developers take note." (Music4Games has given The Sum of All Fears their "M4G Editor's Choice Award" which is awarded to game soundtracks and game releases for excellence in music and excellence in music and sound design.) Music4Games

"As usual for this brand, the music is first rate." IGN

"Since this isn't an official Rainbow Six game, the sound track is vastly different from the regular R6 games. The music is actually on a different wavelength -- no pun intended -- this time around. Whereas the previous tracks for the R6 games were more emotional, patriotic and adventurous, this one is more active and urgent. One thing which hasn't changed however is the fact that the music is still as classy as anything out there. And like all of the soundtracks in the R6 games, you can listen to this one on its own. It is a bit embarrassing to say, but I've been remarking on the brilliance of the soundtracks in the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games, yet have never accredited the genius behind the tracks. His name is Bill Brown and he has yet again produced a high quality soundtrack. I compare him to John Williams in the sense that both these masters have dominated their markets. If you listen to a track composed by either of these artists, you can detect their respective signature in the music; however with Bill Brown I find more convincing variation between tracks, whereas with John Williams the signature is far too apparent, making his music sound too repetitive. Am I saying that Bill Brown is a better artist than John Williams? Perhaps I am. But I know one thing for sure, and that is that we gamers are extremely fortunate to have an artist like Bill Brown, composing music for the gaming community. ...excellent soundtrack." AllOutGames

"An audio delight, The Sum of All Fears is the reason why you upgraded your PC sound system. While the fantastic music oozes with atmosphere, sounding like something ripped straight out of a Hollywood sound stage. Moody music, good voice acting and stunning sound effects. Turn it up." Invisible Dream

"The Sum of All Fears also comes complete with the trademark martial music for the R6-RS-GR line. The music is one of the things that I love about Red Storm's shooters. It makes me misty-eyed. Sometimes I sit and stare at the main menu screen in all of Red Storm's shooters and just listen to the music. I swear, it makes me want to enlist and join the war on terrorism. I've even saluted the screen with my chin up, jaw tight and chest thrusted out. God, I love that music! Anytime I'm in a patriotic mood, or want to be, I just boot up one of Red Storm's tactical shooters, crank up the volume knob on my 400 watt computer speaker-subwoofer system and let my chin quiver and tears flow." PCGameWorld

"The music is, as you would expect in any Red Storm - Tom Clancy game, thrilling and anticipating." Elited

"Along with these hits come the amazing musical score from Bill Brown, whose styles much like the scores that played on most war/dramatic movie titles." MonkeyReview

"The music is pretty similar to prior Rainbow Six titles. Dramatic, but not overpowering either? almost like what you'd find in an action movie during a dramatic fight sequence (Fancy that...)." SLCentral

"Sound: This is an area where all of the Rainbow Six games have always prevailed in. From the gunshots, voice acting, environmental sound effects, to the music, the game really shines. The music is something that I really enjoyed personally. The developers got their hands on some quality musicians. The audio tracks matched the game perfectly, just as in a movie. The tension always builds up as you wait for a mission to load and the tense orchestral music grows stronger in the background." MyGamer

"The sound deserves a special mention, it sounds as if you have a whole orchestra stuck inside your GBA and this drives the action along brilliantly." (GBA) TotalGames

"...the music is rousing Hollywood stuff instead of tinny beats or nasal guitar riffs." GameVortex

"Sounds and Music score are up to the usual standards and are crisp and well executed... Anyway the music is perfect and suits the game totally and is on par with the previous games in the Tom Clancy series." AceGamez

Bill's "The Sum of All Fears" Game Music Samples

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

"Musically, Wolfenstein shines. A full, active symphonic score makes you feel like you are in the middle of a great action/suspense movie, and represents one of the better soundtracks I have heard in a first-person shooter. The musical score.. is very well done and fits in perfectly with the game's feel. Great music."StratosGroup

"Return represents an advance in story line beyond Doom, but retains its rewards... There's a pulsing soundtrack..." USA TODAY 01/04/02

"...incredible music and sound effects give this game a solid experience. The music sounds like something straight out of a movie." (VideoGameRadio awarded Return to Castle Wolfenstein "2001 - Best Sound/Music in a Game") VideoGameRadio

"Once you hear the opening cinematic music, you're going to want to run out and try and find the music, I know I did. Unlike some of Bill's works, RTCW seems much darker and full of dissonance - within good reason! It features more of the newest music composed by Bill and once again, it is Bill composing his best!" ScoreCentral

" amazingly dynamic array of music and sound effects. During times of strung-out tension, the score almost plays the role of an additional character, heightening the feeling that something horrible could happen at any moment. When something does happen, the music chimes in just as it should, causing more than just a heightened pulse on the player's behalf on many occasions. Impressively dynamic score keeps you on the edge of your seat." The-Lowdown

"The sound-design team paid every bit as much attention to detail as the modelers and level designers, and complemented by the game's dynamic music, the result is an aural masterpiece." PCGamer Magazine

"Both the music and the noises in the game give Return To Wolfenstein and eerie and surreal feeling. Both effects are done incredibly well and do a fine job of immersing you in the game. At one point the music and sound effects freaked me out so much that I just ran as fast as I could hoping to find the end of the level."Gamebreaker

"...atmospheric music sets the player's heart to a machine-gun beat. This brings us to another area in which RtCW succeeds: sound effects and music. Film and game composer Bill Brown's soundtrack is top notch, evoking a sense of high-adventure in the player. Again, this really helps to support Wolfenstein's cinematic undertones. Dynamic sound effects and a fantastic musical score help to bring the game world to life."MGON

"Sound: What can I say it's all incredible. The background music and soundtrack is orchestrated by Bill Brown, one of the best musical composers in the industry. You would think you were listening to a movie soundtrack and not one for a game."PCGR

"The strongest aspect of the sound is the great soundtrack by Bill Brown. I've been a fan of Bill Brown after hearing the marvelous work he did in Undying and Anachronox. His soundtrack for Wolfenstein is cinematic, epic and intense if not as varied and atmospheric as some of his previous scores. Still, other fans of his work like myself will likely not be disappointed." Coming Attractions - Lost Hours

"The game is an audio treat, brilliant orchestrated music really gets the game moving, starting and stopping dynamically with the events of the game. Eerie ambiance tracks really raise the tension in those quieter moments as well, with both sounds from the level (wildlife, machinery, weather) and spine-tingling music combining to create an awesome atmosphere. Sound - 90% - Brilliant dynamic music..."Invisible Dream

"The musical score is wonderful, adding to the mood and feeling for each level (particularly the "creepy" levels when fighting the undead). Even after hours of game play, the music is a joy to listen to." Wired Lounge

"The game has an excellent score, and is as good as the scores heard in all of Hollywood's spy movies. The music is so good, that it enhances the gameplay a lot. Often the music changes with a dramatic happening, such as an alarm being sounded. Certain times I found myself rushing through the passages, just because of the adrenaline rush the music gave me" AllOutGames

"One of the things I liked about EA's FPS Undying was the atmospheric music composed by musician Bill Brown so I was rather enthusiastic about the fact that he signed up to do the music for RTCW as well. He certainly didn't disappoint, as the orchestral soundtracks are simply stunning. They fit the mood perfectly and enhance the atmosphere ten-fold." 3D Gameszone

"At risk of sounding completely obsessive with this game and the quality of it's production, I'd have to say that RTCW's audio is probably the best and most realistic in-game sound I've ever heard - music, vocals, ambience and effects. Firstly, I'm a musician, and I feel that sound is generally underrated as a communication medium, in films and games in particular. However, sound in RTCW is half the game. RTCW's music and ambience loops play a huge part in setting the mood for each part of a mission. You will hear the music intensifying dramatically with the different levels of game intensity, from smashing your way into an enemy rocket base to a pounding orchestral riff, to silently assassinating S.S. Paranormal operatives the sweet tinkering of the Moonlight Sonata. All kinds of atmospheric loops such as cicadas and wind have been subtly added and all fit in perfectly with their level's environment. (Note: Don't play the crypt level at night with all the lights off unless you have a change of pants on hand!)"GameVictims

"Most of Wolfenstein's music accentuates the action perfectly with sweeping, grandiose horns or tense, foreboding string sections to convey an eerily effective movie-like experience. Even I, a seasoned zombie flick connoisseur, was thoroughly spooked during the first undead level thanks to the terrific score." (Game of the Year Edition) GameVortex

"The background music is very good, and very cinematic in feel. It kicks into a big bravado piece right when you're starting to be attacked, as if you needed help to get the adrenaline going..."Gamenikki

"The music is mysterious and atmospheric and therefore helps to immerse you in RTCW's detailed environments. During combat, the music accelerates to a more frantic pace to keep up with the action." RPM Games

"Excellent music that is situation sensitive. A very interesting slide show with excellent music accompaniment. Just goes to show the time and effort that was put into this product."GameZone

"Combine the eye feast with a top notch soundtrack and you've got a winner here folks. While the music isn't overdone, it adds just the right amount of mood and tension when you need it..."Game Critic

"...the new sound effects were very nice... but the music was awe-inspiring. BG (BackGround) music Rocks." The Junkyard

"Dark music as you are creeping around is a fun touch and it will keep you on edge." Gamezilla

"The dev team's excellent and most tasty work is continued with the game's audio component. Music is excellent, haunting and fits into the situation you find yourself in." Fragtopia

"The background music is rather backgroundy, but works well at getting the adrenal glands pulsating. When an event is about to happen, or you're pinned down by gunfire, the music changes to suit the scene, getting louder and more ominous, increasing fear levels in the player." GameBlitz

"And the Indiana Jones-style, snare drum-laden orchestral soundtrack creates a sense of urgency in all the right places." Shacknews

"The music sets the tone for the entire game, whether it's at the title screen or when you've been detected by guards. The mood of the experience is changed quickly and efficiently at the drop of a few notes." Mastergamer

"Often overlooked in games today, Return To Castle Wolfenstein offers quite a bit in terms of sound. Throughout the single player game, the subtle background music changes in context to the action happening around you. As you lead up to the first encounter with a zombie, the music slowly changes to become more ominous and menacing, drawing you deeper into the game." (MAC) MacGamer

"One thing that really stands out is the music which is tense in all the right places adding a real sense of danger to the missions. Overall the sound was top-notch." LoadedInc

"I really enjoyed the individual sounds the guns would make and the way the music was pumping through my veins. The music made the adventure feel more epic in scope, and I find that to be important in a game. When enemies were around, the music would pick up, and so would my adrenaline." GF3K

"I have to make special mention of the superlative sound, music, and graphics that drives this game and provided me with the adrenaline to seek out the next challenge within BJ's ever increasing mission agenda of peril. Music crescendos when I screw up or when some event is about to take place... I don't know who you guys are individually, but you should be commended." GameHelper

"SOUND 10/10. The atmosphere in this game is awesome! Throughout the whole game it really feels like you are in the middle of an old war movie. The cut-scenes are amazing and really feel like you are watching some sort of movie and a real cinematographer set up the shot! There were times when I was scared, very scared and that's not a common thing to happen in a FPS! The music changes depending on the situation you are at in the game. When you need to get to a certain area soon the music will become fast, but when you are creeping around a crypt looking for mummy things the music is ominous and creepy. At one point you go up to a crypt ad a mummy jumps out at you and the music gets really loud and goes "DUN DUN!" Man, the scariness... The sound, I can't say enough good things about the sound. Throughout the game the music is consistently good, and never once got on my nerves. ...when you see enemies or are doing something important the music changes significantly to a fast-paced beat making you very nervous and edgy... In every level the music is different too. In the crypts it is ominous and scary, while in the rocket silo it sounds urgent making you think something is going to happen at any time." Gaming-Media

"Haunting music and excellent sound effects pair nicely with the gorgeous, well-lit environments."CNN

"The sound and music are top-notch... And the music should be released on CD, because it is fantastic."MobyGames

"Sound: 10/10 The music is also very well done featuring a score that will match any epic war movie's soundtrack!" GameFaqs

"The music is all good..." (Tides of War - Xbox)GameSpot

"The music is epic in scope, and finds its way into the tense battle scenes effortlessly. Overall, the aural presentation is top-notch, and compliments the choice visuals well." (Tides of War - Xbox)UGO

"The title sounds great too, just as its PC counterpart did when it released last year. Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War features a great score that really captures the game's twisted themes..." (Tides of War - Xbox)GamePowerAu

"There are also some nicely implemented cut-scenes that fill in the details and lend the game a cinematic feel. Adding to the production is the music, which is epic and grand, lending the gameplay an added urgency. Overall, this is one of the best looking and sounding Xbox titles to date." (Tides of War - Xbox)The-Laser

"The only element we can compliment more is the sound, with both stirring music and Dolby Digital 5.1 support that can justify the expense of that subwoofer and receiver to your usually scornful significant other. This game actually has more of a market on consoles, where you can sit back on the couch, pump up the sound system, and enjoy it all on the bigscreen." (Tides of War - Xbox)GamesDomain

"From the opening credits, there is hardly any doubt that a great deal of effort was put into giving this game a very cinematic feel... The orchestrated music never ceases to provide a quality support-plank to the rest of the package. Return to Castle Wolfenstein manages to provide a stellar soundtrack... The fully-orchestrated music is not dominated deep and ominous strains, but is also "smart." What I mean is, if you've just put several mean-spirited Nazi's out of their misery, then the previously-upbeat music will slow down quite a bit. But if you round the corner and all the wrath of Gestapo is unleashed on you, then the soundtrack rises to the occasion and bestows some heart-throbbing tunes to maintain a frantic mood. ...It then compliments its high-quality visuals with a remarkable soundtrack..." (Tides of War - Xbox)Gamepartisan

"Each area sounds as it should, with eerie and ominous music pulsing just to keep you on your toes." (Tides of War - Xbox)GamersDepot

"The music perfectly fits the war-torn settings." (Tides of War - Xbox)GameHelper

"The sound, meanwhile, is also of high quality, from the campy voice work to the soundtrack, which is the sort of military-style classical score that John Phillip Sousa might have composed if he was really, really angry." (Tides of War - Xbox)GameInfoWire

"Top it off with a great score and you have a game with sound worthy of your surround sound system. Great use of the Dolby Digital sound support makes for a game with plenty of great sound effects and a good score that certainly does set the mood (check out the opening cinema to see what I mean)." (Tides of War - Xbox)GameZone

"Sound 10: The game's music is outstanding and very moody. Fortunately, the music fits the game's eerie feeling and is appropriate for the situation. No music is heard while everything is calm, but when you start to get into a gun fight with 5+ Nazis, the music begins to rush, just as the adrenaline does through your body." (Tides of War - Xbox)GameFreaks365

"The sounds and music add the flavor RtCW needs to make you believe you are in Nazi Germany. The intro contains music to get you in the spirit of the game. The sound of the tight snare drum and the trumpet playing represent the era well." (Tides of War - Xbox)ConsoleGold

"Seriously this will scare your pants off, and with brilliant eerie backround music you will experience fright like never before." (Tides of War - Xbox)GamersUnderground

"I loved the music that played throughout the game, it really pumps you up in the heat of a battle, and it adds a lot of suspense when walking through the crypts trying to get through the army of undead that is out to kill you. ...a great job in the music selection. Having put some heavy metal while traveling through those crypts would have taken away the fear and excitement I had. There would have definitely been a loss in the overall experience if not for the quality music." (Tides of War - Xbox)Games2Extreme

"Another thing that's surely a welcome addition to the PlayStation 2 port is the music from the PC version. A tension building momentum of dramatic orchestrated sounds and sometimes even eerie themes were what made the experience of being a World War II soldier so realistic. ...Return to Castle Wolfenstein shouldn't fail to appeal to the audience's ear lobes in the least." (Operation Resurrection - PS2)GamingTarget

"...particular events/points in the game will trigger a surge of music that heightens the tension of the situation. The quality is great, and fits the game well with its almost patriotic theme. Ambient music is also of note, with subtle snare rolls and orchestration. Great themes during gameplay..." (Operation Resurrection - PS2)IGN

Bill's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Music Samples

Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon"

Darren Chukitus - Ghost Recon Producer: "Bill Brown, the composer for Ghost Recon, was excited to play me some new music cues.. This sound just fits perfectly. A touch of Russian themed instruments mixed with sensations of traditional American military music, Bill has touched on some new standards in game music." Excerpt from Redstorm's Ghost Recon Designer Diary

"A soaring, almost operatic song leads you into the game, and the menu music is equally rousing... Engaging background music makes way to the tense, rich atmosphere of warfare. Top stuff." MadGamers

"The music is top notch. It's typical of Red Storm to produce such outstanding music in their Tom Clancy games. The music is very patriotic and suits the game very well." AllOutGames

"I've always been a fan of Bill's action music. And with Ghost Recon, you get some of his best action material! There are times when the score blasts with repeated action, and then there are the more somber and heroic moments, where you just want to start singing your national anthem!" ScoreCentral

"The music in the menu and post mission screens are very motivational although there isn't any in-game music during a mission. It should be noted that Composer Bill Brown has done quite the few scores - including major motion pictures so there's certainly a world-class score that inspires you everywhere you go in-menus." PC Arena

"To complement this there is a superb use of sound throughout, quiet ambient background noises with an excellently bombastic military score... Sound: 5 of 5." GamingIllustrated

"The actual music in Ghost Recon is excellent and fitting. It's completely instrumental and follows the same lines of music as the soundtrack in Saving Private Ryan." InvisibleDream

"...the opening sequence is fantastic being completely made with the game engine and patriotic music thumping in the background." EPIGamer

"Much like Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, the soundtrack for Ghost Recon is simply superb. Bill Brown, the composer of the sound tracks, once again creates music which engulfs the player as he or she enters the game and sets the perfect atmosphere for Ghost Recon." iSO News

"Music is rousing and inspiring, as we've come to expect from the Red Storm team. There's even music on the load screens, which I just love in a game. :)" Fragtopia

"The aura of an American war movie remains: with heart-stirring soundtrack..." DeviantPC

"Best of all, Bill Brown, the composer behind the Rainbow games, will be scoring the game." (Xbox Preview)IGN

"Enhancing your gaming experience by sporting some of the highest quality sound you will hear in a game, you can't go wrong. The soundtrack is good for this type of gameplay. It is mainly orchestrated music that sounds like it could be played in the next wartime-based movie." (Xbox) XboxGaming

"As for the music - epic would be the best way to describe it. Once you hear it you'll be ready to jump into battle to save the world." (Xbox) GamingTarget

In the audio department, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon features realistic sound effects and an exciting orchestral score. (PS2) GameSpot

"Featuring a beautiful orchestra score for the game's music, the game continually pumps refreshing instrumental vibes at you while you are playing the game that are a feast for the ears." (PS2)GamingTarget

"Between each "Ghost Recon" mission players are treated to a music score that wouldn't feel out of place if it were part of "Hunt for Red October," "Patriot Games" or "Clear and Present Danger" (not to mention of course "The Sum of All Fears"). Yes, the soundtrack is that good!" (PS2)PSXNation

"The orchestral soundtrack is a treat in between missions." (PS2) IGN

"Dynamic tunes help to purport a sense of tension, shifting from subtle orchestrations to more intense beats during enemy encounters." (GC) WorthPlaying

"The music pulls you in instantly and would remind you of other Tom Clancy titles. Engaging the enemy commences an orchestrating harmonious piece that gets your blood pumping and fingers flailing away. Even during the quiet parts the subtle changes in music when you approach sections of a map, such as an enemy camp, or a downed helicopter, give you a quick jab in the chest as to remind you to stay low and alert." (GC)ToTheGame

"Otherwise, the game does feature nice dynamic music that will start up whenever you manage to ping an enemy soldier with your rifle, and then subside to ambient chatter as the action releases. It's just cinematic enough to bump the presentation and sound quality up a notch... Good dynamic music... (GC)IGN

"The intro music is excellent. The briefing music is superb." (GC)nintendojo

"The music is of movie quality, and sounds like it could be in any big budget movie out there. While the music only tends to last for about ten to twenty seconds, it works very well and without it I feel the game would be lacking something." (GC)GameCubeLand

Ghost Recon - Desert Siege

"Sound: [9.0] Bill Brown's music is fantastic. Him and Hanz Zimmer rule the action music genre." VGLN

"The music seems nearly identical to Ghost Recon, and it always reminds me of a good Tom Clancy movie, which is a good thing." ZenGamer

Ghost Recon - Island Thunder

"As usual, the soundtrack is awesome--"Netjack

"The music is very fitting for Island Thunder, and sets the mood very well." (Xbox) PGNX Media

Bill's Ghost Recon, Desert Siege & Island Thunder Music Samples

Microsoft "Windows XP" Tour

"The first time I went to Microsoft's site to learn more about Windows XP, I had visited the tour section of the site. I was very impressed with the music playing along. It took me months to find out who composed the music, but when I did find out it was none other than Bill Brown, I wasn't surprised, for some reason. The music is played with a small orchestra, and it features a more modern type of sound." ScoreCentral

Bill's Windows XP Tour Music Samples

Clive Barker's "Undying"

"The music was very well-integrated into the game, successfully matching and enhancing the uncomfortable feel, helping to build the participant's tension at critical moments in the narrative. Intelligent sound woven into the fabric of a filmic genre." (Undying was nominated for the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts 2001 Interactive Entertainment Award in the Music category) BAFTA

Preview: "The soundtrack is being scored by film composer Bill Brown (whose recent work includes Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday), and perfectly captures the feel of the game. Preliminary samples included an eerily ambient Gregorianchant targeted for the monastery, to a vast Celtic theme that could have been plucked from Titanic, had the film included a "nightmare" sequence." Daily Radar

"Musical Score: The scintillating background music sounds as perfectly executed as that in a Hollywood horror movie and is a major contributor to the shivering goose bumps you experience the longer you play. Although the score does not play continuously through the action, it appears whenever it needs to in order to increase your sense of abject terror. The orchestral soundtrack even has a variation of Gregorian chants to add to its somber tone. Some of the melodies are sufficiently memorable that I cannot get them out of my head long after a play session ends. The audioquality is simply spectacular throughout." Avault

"While audio often gets overlooked in games, so much of the tone of the game is set by the audio that it's hard to do when speaking of Undying. The audio engineers paid particular attention to the sound design of this title, as Undying employs great use of audio, from the well-acted voice work to creepy sound effects to the background music full of gothic chants, violin trills, and deep drum beats. Brilliant voice acting, sound effects, and music." IGN

"The music is, quite possibly, the best I've ever heard. Very celtic flavored and varied, you will never be bored. I played levels over for the sheer beauty of the score. If EA brings a soundtrack for this mother, it's got one seller."PC Game Review

"As good as the game looks, it's nothing compared to the audio. The music, which can best be described as gothic, was my favorite part of the game. It sounded awesome as it came through the computer's surround system. Any way you slice it: man, monsters, and music are all on par for perfection." Gamezilla

"In both movies and games that rely on fear, both the visuals and the audio must envelop you with an atmosphere conducive to scaring... Undying hits it on the head as well. And as good as the graphics are, they pale in comparison to the sound. Undying eschews a traditional soundtrack for a pure ambient angle. It works, and works frighteningly well." GameVortex

"Clive Barker + Bill Brown = A match made in heaven. Was it just luck that the two of these people got together? And delivered not only just one of the most enjoyable and scary games of the year, but also one of the most enjoyable and scary scores of the year. The music in the trailer worked perfectly and equally, the music within the game works like a dream. Full orchestral sound and live chorus, and great synths along with it. Hands down, this is Bill's best work." ScoreCentral

"The music score is suitably impressive and features one of the greatest title tracks of any game. I often found myself sitting on the title screen and waiting that extra 15 seconds for the score to kick in before I loaded my save games. In game the music is ambient enough not to cause issues with dialogue and sound effects clashes while still remaining spooky enough to add to the atmosphere." Wagz

"I'm normally a big soundtrack fan, believing that music can make or break any mood, but in the case of Undying, the placement of the actual musical pieces is done artistically - almost similar to how music is used in a movie." Gamezone

"Sound in a game is often pushed aside as a 'not that important factor' however with a game like this it is probably one of the most important parts, and thankfully EA in cooperation with Bill Brown, composer and member of the award winning music and sound design team at Soundelux Design Music Group have created a Celtic-inspired spiritual sound system which keeps you on the edge of your seat (or hiding behind a pillow) throughout the game."TVG

"The musical score provides depth to the already stylish horror feel of the game, with effective ambient songs and creepy music cues popping up when least expected. The solid and appropriately eerie musical score adds greatly to the "jump out of your seat with terror" atmosphere." AllGameGuide

"Once into the game though, the little music that there is (courtesy of Composer Bill Brown) tops off the Clive Barker experience perfectly, building an atmosphere of tension and fear. The main menu has some soft cellos playing a haunting classical style tune which lulls you into a false sense of security." Music4Games

"Aiding the terror is some of the best sound I've heard in ages. The main theme is hauntingly similar to the classic Carmina Burana."Game Revolution

"Those of you that have read my previous articles know that I'm a big advocate of theme-building music in games, and Undying is one of the games I think has pulled this off in the best manner. The music fits the game perfectly. Spooky music for when you're walking down a hallway with curtains blowing in the wind. Adventurous music when you're in the open. Fast-paced (still 19th century style) music during fights. No matter the scene, you always feel that the music fits. Even the choir music in the main menu makes you feel at home right away. The music is simply amazing. It has the perfect feel and style, and you always feel immersed in the world. Whether it's just ambient effects or choir music, it's well orchestrated and it always fits the theme of the game. A big thumbs up on the sound!"MGON

"I found the music quite memorable. I especially found the music played in the menu good to listen to, and would delay starting the game just to listen to the music." AllOutGames

"The game uses music sparsely, but for good reason. If you had a techno track constantly playing in the background it would take away from the freaky atmosphere. Music only kicks in a few times, but when it does it raises your blood pressure even more than a horror movie." FiringSquad

"Sound to scream with: The sound effects and music in Undying add to the visceral experience of playing the game. This game hits all of your senses, and the sound is a big factor." FiringSquad

"Apart from the spookily dramatic Carmina Burana-style operatics of the options screens, the score is triggered only at particularly dramatic moments. It's brooding and orchestral, atmospheric, and never intrusive."Game Planet

"Music and sound effects in the game are superb. Bill Brown the composer of this game's music have created a Celtic inspired sound system which will make you stay on the edge of your seat or hide under your bed. The music fits in perfectly with fast music during battles and soft music when you are exploring." Nettowa

"Audio: Great music. Overlaid with these graphics is a wonderful visceral soundtrack that creeps and crawls its way through the game."GamesDomain

"As for the music, it is excellently played out. The eerie sounds of creepy church music inhabits the game quite well, and it is not only good, but the timing of it all is awesome! It just makes everything feel so important and scary as hell, creating one hell of an environment during play. The music does not play all of the time, so you know something scary is about to happen when you hear it. Amazing music and sound..."GameClubCentral

"Aiding the game's spooky atmosphere is the in-game sound and music, which is appreciably well-done and used to good effect. Weapons sounds are realistic, and the game's music by the talented and reputable composer Bill Brown is very haunting and has just the right essence you'd expect to find in a horror game. ...superb music..." 3dGamesZone

"...the soundtrack is moody and effective..." TechTV

"The tone is set by the marvelous presentation, which includes some suitably Carmina Burana-ish music..." ComputerandVideoGames

"...eerie music did more than enough to scare the living bejesus out of even the most stable-minded gamer. With its perfectly timed music and great cut scenes, it really established the PC as a great gaming platform and opened the First-Person-Shooter genre to becoming much more than just multi-player fun. It showed that a story line could be brought to life with you as the central character." GameReviewers

"The sound effects and music draw you in, and are both creepy and appropriate to the area you are in. The Eternal Autumn neanderthal level has a heavy drum and chanting.. the menus are ethereal and erie.... Probably the best music and sfx I've heard in a game in quite some time." Fragtopia

"Music, in particular, is spectacular..." (MAC) TechTite

"The sound in Undying is beautiful and compliments each of the environments you'll visit perfectly at all times. Undying's aural characteristics are so elegant and masterful that you sense a pleasing melody is playing as you explore the different areas of this game. An almost harmonic soundtrack of Celtic-inspired spiritual music is played to add to the game's mix. The soundtracks are a perfect backdrop for the action." (MAC) MacGamez

"'s got atmosphere dribbling out its pores! Spooky choral music starts from the introduction... The music and atmospheric noises are enough to induce heebie-jeebie attacks in even the most stoical folks." GamingNinjas

"...great visuals, great audio including sound effects and soundtrack. What more could you ask for. The whole horror film feel to the game couldn't come off well without the fabulous sound effects and mood setting soundtrack." 3dgw

"And the atmosphere is, indeed, thick with fright. Never before have graphics, sound, music and tension combined to make a better experience... The music is incredible, in a gothic chant mold. Since I love chants, I would purchase the music separately... Between the acting and atmospheric music a score of 90% is deserved." (Pure Gold Rating) GoneGold

"Further, the game menus are very nicely implemented. The background soundtrack alone adds a great deal to the overall feel of the game." Phileosophos

Excerpt from Well Rounded Entertainment's Interview with
DreamWorks Brady Bell, producer of "Clive Barker's UNDYING":

WR: "How important is the soundtrack to the game?"

Brady Bell: "More important than normally, I think. More than any other genre, much of what makes horror effective is in the music. Steven Spielberg said sound and music make up more than half of communicating a story, greater even than what you're seeing..."

WR: "You plan to use Celtic-inspired spiritual tracks. Will those be synthetic or a live recording?"

Brady Bell: "Most of what we have planned is live recordings. We're fortunate to once again work with Bill Brown, an incredibly talented composer who writes for both film and games. Bill has a unique talent of working wonders with very little direction and the ability to create underscoring themes that never leave you." Well Rounded Entertainment

Bill's Undying Music Samples

Michael Crichton's "TIMELINE"

"Musical Score: One thing that the design team at Timeline Entertainment studied in-depth is the use of music in creating mood. All the music -- fast and slow -- helps set an incredible level of mood. The title music is especially worthy of note, sounds at its lightest like medieval orchestra, and like a rock opera during some of the transitions. Almost every moment of Timeline is filled with a different style: Fast paced themes will play when your partner is trying desperately to unlock a door while you deal with the guards. Then suddenly, when you both finally duck into the safety of an abandoned home, the music takes a very noticeable lull, helping you to feel secure in continuing the next phase of the journey without being ambushed. Of all the different components to Timeline, the music stands out as being decidedly higher quality, helping to convey a sense of danger and excitement..." Avault

"...the music is outstanding. A fantastic orchestral score by Bill Brown has been integrated into the gameplay, and I've already copied the MP3s to my music folder for regular listening. (Yes, I'm a soundtrack junkie.)" GameSpy

"Timeline features one of Bill's most enjoyable themes, in my opinion. The theme is fully stated with strings with a very elegant sound. Lots of thematic and moving material can be found within the music to Timeline, which makes it one of my current favorites of Bill's." ScoreCentral

"...the music and sound were absolutely fantastic. Also, the music was worthy of any adventure movie. It makes for excellent listening, and is all in MP3 files. The main theme and the music for the burning village are my personal favourites, but all of it fit the game nicely." Audyssey Magazine

"The music does deserve credit - the intro track is one of the best pieces of music we've heard in a PC game." Gameloft

"An epic musical score... The quality voice acting is much appreciated and so is the musical score."

"The music is exceptional. An orchestral score by Bill Brown is integrated into gameplay." AllGameGuide

"The music was also very well done, and the main music had a theme, like in Shenmue, that you can recognize as the "main musical track", and when you hear it, it makes you think of this game." MobyGames

"A Fine Game - As a gamer, I found this game to be exactly what I hoped for. It's simple to play and very beautiful. I was transported back to 14th century France and played out a fantastic adventure. The game is scored just like a movie. It's fantastic! I can listen to the music from the game forever." Henri Serinoga, a professional military officer. Customer review BarnesAndNoble

Bill's Timeline Music Samples

Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six"

"BEST MUSIC - PCXL 1998 ALL-STAR AWARDS: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. The epic soundtrack that nearly brings tears to TK-ers eyes is easily the most memorable score in all of gaming." PC Accelerator Magazine March 1999 issue

Rainbow Six features a pulse-pounding soundtrack that plays during all aspects of the game, even during the 3D phase. It really helps to set the mood, changing depending on the situation. I particularly like the slow somber tune that's played when one of your men goes down." Avault

"The top-notch orchestral music score in Rainbow Six is probably one of the best examples of how well a soundtrack can accompany the atmosphere and action in a game." RogueSpear3dRetreat

"The music (and sounds) sweep the game up to a heart-pounding tension." GamersCentral

"The music in Rainbow Six is simply top-notch... It's never overbearing, and not constantlyplaying. It also fits the martial air of the whole game, along with being thematic in toneand feel - for instance, when one of your characters dies in combat, a soft dirge will playduring the combat itself, lending impact to the sorrow and regret you'll feel when yousee/hear one of your team dying. Splendidly done." Gamer's Alliance

"The sound effects and orchestral soundtrack are excellent." GameSpot

"The music accompanies the effects perfectly. The CD audio is suspenseful and extremely well done. It sounds like an actual action movie." MPOG

"I can say all the sound effects and music are top notch. When you die, it plays this tunethat makes you feel sorry for the character that just bit the bullet but makes you honorthe fact he died in duty..." GameGirlz

"The music is also excellent. You find yourself getting geared up for a scenario by the music." GameStats

"The sound in this game is second to none, the musical scores are straight out of the movies and tremendously add to the feel of the game. I have always really dug classical musical scores from movies (like Dances With Wolves etc..) with their heart pounding dramatic overtones. The game is riddled with them and it really pumps you up and sucks you in. It leads to a question though (rhetorical) why hasn't anyone done this in a game before? I mean sheesh, this is the way games sound should always be! Fantastic job fellas." AGN

"The music and sound effects are superb and really create an atmospheric environment."
(Dreamcast) GamersWave

"The music picks up when danger is imminent, greatly adding to the suspense. Open a door to a crescendo of music and even if you don't get shot at, your heartbeat will skip a time or two." (Dreamcast) GamerWeb

"Music and sound effects are top notch." ElectricPlayground

"Suspenseful music seems to rise out of nowhere, dissonant strains of violin and cello that really put you on edge when you are about to burst into a room full of terrorists." (N64)nintendorks

Rainbow Six - Eagle Watch

"The music in Eagle Watch is nothing less than spectacular. The music on the Rainbow Six CD has been preserved exactly, and it rules! The orchestrated notes are extremely inspired and will move you along at a nice quick terrorist-busting pace." AllGameGuide

"Perhaps the most outstanding part of this game (other than the lush level design) is the soundtrack." 3D Gaming

Bill's Rainbow Six Music Samples

Tom Clancy's "Rogue Spear"

"Musical Score: 5 stars
Bill Brown, composer and music producer, should win an award for the work he's done here -- it's simply the best I've heard from any title. Like the John Williams of computer game scores, Brown has put together a collage of tracks you'll find yourself humming long after you've put Rogue Spear to rest. The musical score is artfully mastered and is sometimes powerful enough that it becomes the driving force in the immersive experience."Avault

"The themes are strong, the scoring is intricate, and the music is so compelling that you'll find yourself stalling in the menus just to hear the rest of the track."Game-Revolution

"The music is amazing; so good in fact that the music alone almost justifies the purchase of the game. The music fits the mood of the game perfectly, and would be just as good on the big screen as it is on your computer monitor." dth tech

"The music during the title screen and while a level is loading up is absolutely magnificent. It'll blow away any box-office music hands down. Brilliant." PC Game Review

"These two projects (Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear) are probably Bill's most memorable of projects. Seriously, these two scores simply just kick butt! It is debatable which Rainbow Six score will become your favorite, both are fine pieces of work. Both themes, are rich of texture and action. And a friendly tip: the full score of Rogue Spear is available on the game CD-ROM!" ScoreCentral

"Music is the familiar, military-epic work we're familiar with from the first game and the Eagle Watch add-on, which I really enjoyed (being a major soundtrack score lover). EvilAvatar

"Ominous orchestral music strums menacingly in the background..." Gamespy

"...intense, dramatic music. Those of you with a four speaker setup with asubwoofer are in for a special 3D aural treat." IGN

"The music is awesome, giving that "I need to save the world feel", like something fromClear and Present Danger." GamePost

"The ambient sound and music are the best I've heard in a game of any kind. They fitperfectly and do not intrude. The sound team should win some award for this aspect of thegame. The same goes for the musical score which helps create the stunningly tenseenvironment." Happy Puppy

"From the music (the best in any game I've ever played) to the updated and nicely refined graphics and tweaked AI, Rogue Spear is an excellent title." Combatsim

"The music in the game is incredible. It really gives you the sense that you are actuallythere, saving the world from the evil terrorist groups."Gamesurge

"...the music really impressed me. There is a very powerful musical accompaniment throughout the game and it really does give the impression of an epic story being played out." GamersUplink

"The high quality music fits perfectly to the mission environment and enhances the mission's suspense." GamesOverdose

"Redstorm's games have always had very good musical scores and background music which accompany the game. And Rogue Spear is no exception, the music from the game help the player feel more intense and into the game. The soundtrack bears a strong resemblance to the music that is played from the movie Armageddon, which by all standards had some of the greatest and emotionally moving musical scores."GlideUnderground

"The music is also top notch. The style is in very much the same taste as Rainbow Six, and fits the mood perfectly." 3DAudioImmersion

"The audio is just another complimentary incentive to this well orchestrated game. The music is enticing and leaves you at the end of your chair, wondering what will happen next." (Dreamcast) GameVortex

"The music in Rogue Spear serves to unwittingly raise the tension, a quiet eerie music you hear in the movies just as somebody is sneaking about the place and is about to get attacked/killed."GameOver

"...the music is nothing short of excellent." (GameBoy Advance) Eurogamer

"I love the music." (Game Boy Advance) IGN

"The soundtrack is appropriately patriotic and stirring, but not overboard." (MAC) InsideMacGames

"Rogue Spear still sounds about as good as it did on the PC, which is pretty good. The cool Hans Zimmer-esque orchestral score is intact -- sitting still on the intro and menu screens is fun just so you can listen to the soundtrack. A bright light here, with a cool orchestral score and strong voice acting creating a neat action-movie atmosphere." (PSX) IGN

"The sound is incredible and if you have a great system then prepare to be amazed. The music is rich with lots of depth and tension."CheatCodeCentral

"The audio side of this title is absolutely fantastic and the quality will hit you as soon as the initial theme music kicks in, reminiscent of espionage/thriller movies." (GBA)EAGB

"Incredible mix of music, effects, and voices. Really heightens the fun. When Nintendo made the Game Boy Advance, they equipped it with a sound system higher in quality than the rest of the machine and Rogue Spear is the first game to come along to truly make full use of it. Red Storm has taken the full range of music and effects from the PC version and has ported them over to this smaller version with only the slightest dip in quality." (GBA)GameNationTV

Rogue Spear - Urban Operations

"Musical Score: 4 stars
Again Bill Brown's musical skills and ability to insert music in key spots enhances the environments and overall gameplay experience. The score builds and lessens tension like a master conductor. Although I will say that not much has changed with this score since Rainbow Six burst onto the screen in 1998. I most definitely like the Axel Foley, modern-esque symphony style music." Avault

"I love that soundtrack!" IGN

"Some of the best music and sound effects are still found in this game. Although the music is sparse, between menus, the music is extremely intense and gets the player pumped up for the upcoming mission." GlideUnderground

"...the music and sound effects are a joy to hear." GlideUnderground

"Sound and music are certainly some of the strong points of Urban Ops. As soon as you start the game and the opening video commences, you are immediately drawn into the suspense by the beautifully orchestrated pieces. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Star Wars music." 3DAccelerated

"...continues to be the perfect musical score for the Rainbow Six series." Neoseeker

"Game music pops in frequently and is simple but effective adding to the overall suspense during an assault. The death sequence music is practically imprinted on my brain now ;)" LoadedInc

"Musically, you won't tire of the magnificent orchestral score by Bill Brown" 3D Retreat

"I personally loved the sweeping musical scores." GamesXtreme

Bill's Rogue Spear and Urban Operations Music Samples

Quake II & III Cinematics

"When people think of the Quake line of games, they automatically think of the crazy-fast paced action that is happening on screen. However, when I think of Quake, I always remember the music by Bill Brown. Especially, the Opening cut scene, which features an excellent military-type action cue, which sadly, has yet to be released." ScoreCentral

"Any complaints about the intro or endgame cut-scenes are wiped away before they are started because of the excellent music tracks. I have never encountered music so appropriate... kudos to id for giving music so much attention."MakeItSimple

Bill's Quake II and III Cinematics Music Samples

Trespasser: The Lost World

"The quality of our music is outstanding. A composer named Bill Brown (out of Soundelux) has worked some serious magic. Spielberg himself commented on how impressive this relatively unknown composer puts music together." 3DSoundSurge Interview with Brady Bell of Dreamworks Interactive.

"...Surpassing that feeling, still, is Trespasser's wonderfully executed music. Wow. Perhaps you may remember the first time Hammond shows you a dinosaur in the original Jurassic Park. On came some very beautifully orchestrated music, embracing the mood of the movie and bringing smiles to those captivated by the moment. Trespasser does the same. The music is absolutely top-notch, and will either make you want to take a screen shot or, more likely, run like hell because you hear footsteps growing louder." Trespasser Central

"It's excellent orchestral music worthy of the silver screen." OGR

"More often than not, the aspects looked over the most in today's games are sound and music. Thankfully Trespasser delivers beautifully on both accounts... Trespasser's music is also noteworthy... Just like the movie, certain situations will prompt clips of audio... These music clips are of high quality and function to compliment your current scenario. For instance, the first dinosaurs that Anne (voiced by Minnie Driver) spots are a pair of majestic Brachiosaurus near a watering hole. The music instantly plays a melody which denotes a sense of accomplishment and instills a sense of awe."Sharky Extreme

"A great 3D audio soundtrack with tons of great sound effects, voice-overs, and musical score." AllGame

"The musical score is top notch but only plays at key areas. Hearing some fast music as you fall off of a cliff into a pack of three raptors will really get you going." 3DGaming

"If the game were limited only to sound effects I would be very satisfied, but amazingly enough there are astounding voice overs and musical interludes that grace the game at significant periods of gameplay... The voices are often accompanied by or associated with a dramatic musical interlude which I found to be very tasteful and appropriate to the situation. ...when you first encounter some dinosaurs Dr. Hammond begins blabbing about their majesty and an appropriately grandiose musical score makes the player feel as if he is in a movie. Many game developers could learn much from listening and examining the style and quality of the sound used in Trespasser which is a revolutionary achievement." GameOver

"If there is one game in the world that would provide the motivation to go buy yourself a Dolby surround stereo set for your PC, it would definitely be Trespasser!" GamersCentral

"The sound is top notch... The music kicks in at certain times and is a compelling score similar to breathtaking scenes from the movies... [the music] adds effectiveness in displaying importance to certain areas." Gamer's Alliance

"With a four-speaker setup the sound was fantastic... Music is stirring, and is used to underscore certain events." Happy Puppy

"The music is sparse, but when it rears its head, you know something is coming. It was very cinematic and really set the scene. Sound deserves an A."JustAdventure

"The sound effects and score are haunting echoes of John Williams' film scores."GamePro

"The music is one of Trespasser's best accomplishments."Gamasutra

Bill's Trespasser Music Samples!

Xena: Warrior Princess

"The cinematic musical score is excellent, precisely what would be expected from Universal Studios." Absolute Playstation

"We are reaching a point in the industry where companies are realizing the potential of a good soundtrack..." PSXNation

"Xena also possessed an absolutely uncanny sense of atmosphere. While running through the levels, with the background music pumping away and Xena's voice samples quipping off one liners left and right, it's quite possible you'll forget that you're playing a video game and think you're just watching the TV show." Avault

"The music is good battle music and keeps you pumped up when you're out looking for the bad guys to fight." GameShark

"The music is excellent and fits the action perfectly." Gametour

"Xena's musical score is surprisingly good. It is always appropriate for the area you're questing through and usually quite upbeat, lending a sense of urgency to your fighting." Avault

Bill's Xena: Warrior Princess Music Samples

Shadow Watch

"Musical Score: 4 stars
The music in Shadow Watch is phenomenal. Each country has its own original score; Rio de Janeiro music exudes a Latin flair while the score for Hong Kong is true to its Asian influences. Moreover, hearing the balalaikas in Baikonur brings to mind the film "Dr. Zhivago." Not only does the music set the tone for each country, but it also follows the action to a tee." Avault

"Intense orchestral scores... just too few of them."VoodooExtreme

"The musical tracks in Shadow Watch are similar the same high quality scores heard in Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear. The music in Hong Kong is appropriately oriental, but the soft music quickly changes to a more dramatic score when a firefight breaks out." GameSpy

"a haunting musical score..." PC Gamer Magazine

"The musical score, in particular, is fantastic. Each city has it's own score and appropriate music at that. For example, Rio de Janeiro's musical score offers a beautiful Latin flavour and Hong Kong's tunes show an Asian influence." GameOver

"If there was only one tie-in for this game, it would need to be a soundtrack. Forget the art for one second, friends; listen to that score. The opening music pumps you up and the variations on the main theme are properly interpreted in each level. If you're like me, you'll put on the song that accompanies the credits more than once.. Did I mention how the score rocks?" GameMonkeys

"...the music and sound effects in the game are great... Each city has a theme for the stealthy missions, employing regional musical styles and instruments, and I found myself humming the main "action" tracks when I wasn't playing the game. The soundtrack is actually one of the more "adult" (i.e., not techno or rock) and pleasing ones I've heard in agame, very cinematic in tone." GamesDomain

"The most impressive use of sound is the game's phenomenal sound track: Rich, high quality sound, with excellent musical composition that fits the intense missions, the militaristic theme of the Corporation, and the musical culture of the different locations you visit. ...Add a top-notch musical score that could rival most motion pictures, and you've got more than enough talent." GamersPulse

"In addition, the music is maybe one of the best scores I've ever heard in a game. It was created by Bill Brown. Have a look at his website to see and hear a lot of his other work. A lot of it is of the same caliber as the work in Shadow Watch." OGV

"The music is the best part... with the best and most intriguing score ever released."GlideUnderground

"The biggest appeal in the game is probably the excellent musical score. Redstorm was always known for having great music, and this offering surpasses all those with the most intense battle music ever offered." GlideUnderground

"I usually turn the music way down or all the way off if it even hints at being distracting; in Shadow Watch I didn't even bother to adjust the music, which was rich and action-game sounding and never bothersome." GameZone

"...the plus is the music track. The music track will change according to what location you are in and helps to convey the 'feel' of your current location." GameVortex

"...the soundtrack has a very cinematic quality to it that gets the adrenaline pumping during combat situations (which is extremely hard to do in a 2-D, turn-based game). The rest of the music is very flavorful, too, and changes with each new land? I very much enjoyed it." GameFan

Bill's Shadow Watch Music Samples

Disney's "Villains' Revenge"

"Disney Interactive has recently released several new titles, and this (Villains' Revenge) is by far the best I've seen. The introduction to the game is a mini-movie in itself. And no expense appears to have been spared: The orchestrations that accompany the action on this CD-ROM rival those of any animated film these days." Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune November 1, 1999.

"Overall, this is just a simply FUN and lovable piece of work. What would you expect from a Disney game, though? The main theme is light and the music throughout, at times, is humorous." ScoreCentral

Bill's Villains' Revenge Music Samples

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